World War II in the Ardennes

Start Bastogne
End La Roche-en-Ardenne
Duration 3 Days
Developed By
Name Envol Espace
Country France

This program will explore Hitler’s last big push to push back the Allied forces in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge. The objective of this counter attack was to reach the highly strategic port of Antwerp. This battle became a myth for generations of Americans.

World War II in the Ardennes
Day 1

Travel to the Ardennes region and Bastogne where the Battle of the Bulge took place. On the way stop and visit the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial. Upon arrival to Bastogne, visit to the new Bastogne War Museum.

Day 2

Explore remembrance sites in the Bastogne area such as Nuts Cave, the Mardasson monument, the foxholes of the Bois Jacques and the town of Foy.

Day 3

Visit the Bastogne Barracks and the Museum of the Battle of the Bulge in La Roche-en-Ardenne.