World War II in Luxembourg

This program will allow your students to relive the events of World War II in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by visiting sites and museums that bear witness to this chapter of the country’s history.

World War II in Luxembourg
Day 1

Arrival in Luxembourg | Visit the Luxembourg Museum of History

Day 2

Walking tour of Luxembourg City to discover the commemorative sites of WWII | Guided visit of Luxembourg American Cemetery | Visit the General Patton Museum | Free time

Day 3

Departure to explore the Diekirch National Military Museum of Luxembourg

Trip Details

Start Location: Luxembourg City
End Location: Diekirch
Number of days: 3
Number of nights: 2
Countries Luxembourg
Type of tour: Educational tour
Tour Guide Language: French

T.O. information

Tour operated by: Envol Espace
Address: 18 Rue Claude Bloch, 14000 Caen, France
Phone +33 2 31 06 07 89