Start Historical Museum of the Liberation
End Memorial for Killed Members of the Resistance
Duration 4 Days
Developed By
Name Liberation Route Europe Foundation
Country Netherlands

Rough Guides: Travel the Liberation Route Europe is a travel guide dedicated to remembrance sites and itineraries all over Europe.

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Rome endured heavy fighting during the Italian Campaign of the Second World War. The capital was captured by the Allies after the fierce battles of Monte Cassino and Anzio were fought. Rome’s different museums document the history of the city and highlight important events such as the resistance movement and the liberation of the city in June 1944. The war cemeteries honour the many victims of the Italian Campaign.

Day 1

Arrive in Rome and start with a visit to the Historical Museum of the Liberation, built in the building of a former prison where over 2,000 people were detained, interrogated and tortured during the Second World War.

Day 2

Walk through Rome’s Commonwealth War Cemetery, which contains 426 burials from WWII. Then stop at the Museum of Motorized Armed Forces and the Memorial Deportation Quadraro.

Day 3

Visit Mussolini’s Villa Torlonia and have a look at the bunker. In the afternoon, visit the French War Cemetery of Rome and the Memorial Massacre Fosse Ardeatine.

Day 4

Check out the Infantry Historical Museum and the Memorial for Killed Members of the Resistance. End of tour.