Start Pilsen
End Pilsen
Duration 2 Days
Developed By
Name Liberation Route Europe Foundation
Country Netherlands

Rough Guides: Travel the Liberation Route Europe is a travel guide dedicated to remembrance sites and itineraries all over Europe.

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In May 1945 the US Third Army Division, led by General Patton, entered into Pilsen to liberate the Czech people from six years of German occupation. The different museums and memorial monuments in Pilsen today show how the people of Pilsen remain immensely grateful to the US Army and General Patton: the George Patton Memorial Museum, Thank You America Memorial, 2nd Infantry Division Memorial, and 16th Armored Division Memorial.

Day 1

Arrive in Pilsen and explore the city centre. Visit the George Patton Memorial Museum, which retraces the advancement of the US Army led by General Patton during the Second World War. Gaze over the ‘Thank You, America’ Memorial Monument which was renovated in May 2018.

Day 2

Check out the 2nd Infantry Division Memorial and the 16th Armored Division Memorial. Those two memorials commemorate the American Divisions that liberated Pilsen from Nazi Germany on May 6, 1945, led by General Patton.

NB: If you visit the city in May make sure you attend the ‘Liberation Festival’, a tribute to the events at the end of WWII. The festival includes military and historical events and a rich cultural programme.