Normandy 1944, Beyond the Beaches

Start Caen station
End Montormel Memorial
Duration 5 Days
Developed By
Name Spirit of Remembrance
Country United Kingdom

This tour will look at operations of the Anglo-Canadian armies of 21st Army Group initially in trying to fix the German forces in the eastern bridgehead in order to support American breakout operations further west. We then follow their drive out of the bridge head to join up with American forces. This led to the destruction of the German Army in Normandy in what became known as the Battle of the Falaise Pocket. Both the British 2nd Army and the Canadian 1st Army closely supported each other with many joint operations. For Canadians this will be an insight into the fortitude and resolve of their forces as they fought the best of the German Army.

Normandy 1944, Beyond the Beaches
Day 1

Meet Guide and coach at Caen Station. Check in to Hotel. Guided tour of Caen centre. Opportunity to explore Castle, Abbey of Saint Étienne, also known as Abbaye aux Hommes, and city centre bombed during WW2. Welcome dinner.

Day 2

Breakfast in Hotel. Depart hotel with packed lunch for tour of Operation PERCH (7 June 1944). We visit: Tilly Sur Seulles, Tilly Sur Seulles War Cemetery Point 214 – Wittman ambush site and Villers Bocage. In the afternoon Picnic lunch. Tour of Operation EPSOM (26 -30 June 1944). Further attempt, led by 15th (Scottish) Division, to outflank Caen by seizing the high ground at Hill 112 and crossings over the Odon and Orne rivers. Visit Manvieu War Cemetery, Tourmauville Bridge, Maltot. Return to Hotel. Overnight in hotel.

Day 3

Breakfast in hotel. Depart hotel with packed lunch for tour of: Operation CHARNWOOD (7 – 9 July 1944). This morning’s visits cover preliminary operations on British 3rd Division front during June, Cambes (RUR) and Chateau La Londe (Operation Mitten), Operation Windsor.

Entering Caen and visit to Caen Memorial Museum if time allows.

In the afternoon, picnic lunch. Then visits covering Operation GOODWOOD (18 – 20 July 1944) with stops to see Butte De La Hogue viewpoint, Banneville War Cemetery, Cagny, Bourgebus and Verrières Ridge. Return to Hotel. Overnight in hotel.

Day 4

Breakfast in hotel. Depart hotel with packed lunch for tour and visits covering Operation Totalise. Visit the Line of Departure for Operation Totalise, St. Aignan de Cramesnil, Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery. In the afternoon, picnic lunch and Tour of Operation Tractable with stops at Hill 117, St. Lambert, Ford Moissy hamlet and Chambois. Dinner provided in hotel. Overnight in hotel.

Day 5

Breakfast in hotel. Check out of hotel and load baggage. Finish the tour with the viewing of platform at Hill 262 and the Mémorial de Montormel. Transfer to Caen. End of tour.