Krakow – Auschwitz Tour

Start Krakow
End Krakow
Duration 4 Days
Developed By
Name Spirit of Remembrance
Country United Kingdom

There are few names that stand for the horror of the Nazi reign over Europe quite like that of Auschwitz. A death camp cannot tell the true nature of a place that turned killing into a mechanized process, humans into a raw material and murder into a factory system. The attempted genocide of Jews, Gypsies and other demonized groups is one which we all still find hard to explain. How did a rational intelligent nation like the Germans allow themselves to get into a position where this could take place? How did the camp function and eventually fall? How could one survive this place? What do we learn about ourselves when we visit this place? This is a special tour not to be missed as we tell an incredible story about a time and place – and more than one nation.

Krakow – Auschwitz Tour
Day 1

Arrival in Krakow | Walking tour of city centre

Day 2

Transfer to Auschwitz | Guided tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau | Return to Krakow | Free time for reflection

Day 3

Tour of Jewish Krakow | Schindler’s factory | Płazsow Camp | Podgorze Ghetto | Kazimierz | High Synagogue | Remuh Synagogue & Cemetery | Galicia Jewish Museum | Locations where Schindler’s List was filmed

Day 4

Check out | Free time | Transfer to airport