Canadians at War, Dieppe, Normandy & Falaise Pocket

Start Lille
End Lille
Duration 6 Days
Developed By
Name Spirit of Remembrance
Country United Kingdom

This tour tells the story of Canada’s involvement in two of the iconic operations of WWII – the Dieppe raid (1942) and the Normandy campaign that began on D-Day (1944). For Canadians this will be an insight into the fortitude and resolve of their forces as they fought the best of the German Army. In Canada the Dieppe raid remains the most controversial action of WWII. Was it necessary or worth the sacrifice? On this tour you will be able to address these questions and discover what happened on that violent August morning. The landings at Normandy and the subsequent breakout saw the Canadian forces involved in some of the toughest confrontations in WWII against a skilled and fanatical enemy.

Canadians at War, Dieppe, Normandy & Falaise Pocket
Day 1

Arrive at Lille Europe station | Transfer to Dieppe | Check in | Transfer to Pourville | Green beach | The Esplanade | Royal Hamilton Light Infantry | Fusiliers Mont-Royal | Royal Marine ‘A’ Commandos

Day 2

Tour of Dieppe | Blue Beach | Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery | Act of Remembrance | Transfer to Calvados | Canadian Airborne memorial | Merville Battery | Pegasus Bridge | Pegasus Memorial Museum

Day 3

Transfer to Courseulles-sur-Mer | Juno Beach | Green Beach | Juno Beach Centre | Red Beach | Transfer to Beny-sur-Mer | Canadian War Cemetery & Memorial | Bretteville | Audrieu Chateau

Day 4

Transfer to area of operations of 3rd Canadian Division | Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery | Hill 117 | St Lambert | Moissy hamlet | Viewing plat-form at Hill 262 | Mémorial de Montormel | Transfer to Honfleur | Notre Dame de Grace

Day 5

Free time | Transfer to Rouen | City walk | Hisorial Jeanne D’Arc museum | Return to Honfleur

Day 6

Check out | Transfer to Touquet | Etaples Military Cemetery | Transfer to Eperlecques | Biggest WWII bunker in the north of France | Transfer to Lille | End of tour