Battle of the Bulge Tour

Start Dasbourg
End Sandweiler
Duration 3 Days
Developed By
Name Voyages Emile Weber
Country Luxembourg

On 9 September 1944, the American troops liberated Pétange, on September 10th the capital Luxembourg, and finally the entire country. On the 16 December, Hitler launched a new attack on the Luxembourg Ardennes to capture the port of Antwerp, but the resistance of the American troops led to the huge Battle of the Ardennes. On 12 February Luxembourg finally became a free country again. Today you can visit the many sites and museums memorialising the sacrifices made and the historic events which took place in Luxembourg.

Battle of the Bulge Tour
Day 1

Arrival in Luxembourg | Visit the ‘Westwall’ ruins and a border town of choice Dasbourg, Roth, Gentingen, Wallendof, Weilerbach | Visit a city important in the Battle of the Bulge, choice of Weiswampach, Heinerscheid, Marnach, Hosingen, Vianden, Diekirch, Ettelbruck

Day 2

American reaction and resistance – the German drive towards Bastogne | Heroic struggles in Clervaux, Wiltz, Allerborn | Visit Schumann Crossroads ‘Foxhole Tour’ | Visit Hoesdorf Plateau | Visit Beaufort-Berdorf-Echternach area

Day 3

Visit Luxemburg-City | Walking tour | General Patton’s Headquarters | Luxembourg-American cemetery of Hamm | Visit a German military cemetery at Sandweiler, Larochette, Medernach, Bettendorf, Moestroff, Gilsdorf