Gdansk and Pomerania


Pomerania is a historic region located along the Baltic Sea rife with cultural sites, picturesque hills and old dense forests. Surround yourself with ancient fortifications and fortresses and experience unique history in the port city of Gdańsk. Here WWII got underway when a German battleship opened fire on the Westerplatte in September 1939. Poles surrendered after several arduous days of fighting, which made Gdańsk an important symbol of Polish resistance. Nowadays, the region of Pomerania houses various war memorials and museums presenting and commemorating the events of WWII. The Museum of the Second World War, in Gdańsk, illustrates the wartime experiences of Polish citizens and people of other countries in East-Central Europe. In the village of Sztutowo you will find the Museum of Stutthof, a stirring site of remembrance built on the site of the former German concentration camp of the same name.

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