Head to the central-eastern part of the Netherlands to explore the charming province of Overijssel and delve into its unique history. During WWII, Overijssel was occupied by Nazi Germany until early 1945, hence a little longer than the rest of the Netherlands. The number of casualties and the devastation to the region soared during this period. Nowadays, you can still experience a piece of Canada at the Holterberg. In the Information Centre Canadian War Cemetery in Holten, the thought and awareness of WWII are kept alive by means of personal stories, anecdotes and photographs of the fallen soldiers. Walk through the Canadian War Cemetery to pay tribute to the numerous lives lost here in the course of the war. Visit the Memory Museum in Nijverdal to further your knowledge of the period 1935-1945, from the rise of National Socialism up to the liberation of the Netherlands and of Europe.

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