During WWII, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1940 and was particularly affected by the Battle of the Bulge. This fierce battle still occupies a prominent place in the collective memory of the local population and beyond. From war cemeteries to bunkers and fortifications, Luxembourg’s rich military heritage is spread out over the whole territory. Stand before ancient castles lost in the middle of a lush nature, walk beside historical monuments and unique memorials such as the National Liberation Memorial Schumann’s Eck in Wiltz. Choose from a number of museums presenting local history in the years 1940-1945, including Dierkirch’s National Military Museum and the General Patton Museum in Ettelbruck. In northern Luxembourg, Clervaux’s prestigious Castle houses the Battle of the Bulge Museum, where you will discover the UNESCO registered photo exhibition ‘The Family of Man’, conceived in the post-war years as a manifesto for peace and the fundamental equality of mankind.

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