We are always looking for new cooperation’s and opportunities. Are you interested in joining this global initiative to keep the memory of the Second World War alive? Join the Europe Remembers consortium or become a partner or sponsor!

Lead partners
This partnership means you will be involved every step of the way. You will be a strategic partner and you will think along in the development and form of the project. Next to that you also make a financial contribution. In return you will be considered and mentioned in all communications as initiator of the project during the total time span of the project. You will be involved and consulted for strategic/main decisions and informed actively. Furthermore, you will receive an own section on the online portal and you/your region will be included in one of the international press trips and/or tour operator Familiarization trips around Europe Remembers in the years 2019-2020

Please contact Liberation Route Europe director Rémi Praud for more details:
Mail: r.praud@liberationroute.com 

The Europe Remembers project is continuously looking for new partners and sponsor to support the project financially or in kind. Take a look at our Sponsorship Booklet for more information. In case of any questions, please contact Project Manager Ewelina Oksiuta for more details:
Mail: e.oksiuta@liberationroute.com

Travel Trade partners
Are you interested in creating tours, offering special Europe Remembers packages etc.? Please contact our Travel Trade Manager Richie Lemlih for the possibilities:
Mail: r.lemlih@liberationroute.com