Head to central Italy to explore the delightful region of Tuscany and its thousands wonders. Surround yourself in a lush nature while discovering various historic sites and war relics. During WWII, just like other parts of Italy, Tuscany became the scene of fierce fighting when American forces started to liberate several towns and cities in July 1944. Visit the Museum of Memory that presents a great collection of documents of those who lived directly the dramatic moments of the war, with the aim of preserving the memory of future generations. Walk through American and Brazilian military cemeteries and spare a thought for the many casualties of the Italian Campaign. Visit Lucca’s museum devoted to WWII and find in Borgo a Mozzano a former anti-tank wall and other impressive Gothic Line fortifications. Pay tribute to the Italian civilians murdered in the Sant’Anna of Stazzema massacre, one of the darkest episodes of the German occupation of Italy.

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