Located in the central Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is the largest of the Italian islands and one of the pearls of Southern Italy. Sicily was also the first part of Europe to be liberated by the Allies in July 1943 during Operation Husky. Gaze over Mount Etna and walk across Sicily’s stunning beaches where the Allied forces landed to end WWII. There are several monuments between Licata and Gela, the U.S. Seventh Army’s landing zone, and war cemeteries between Pachino and Syracuse, where the British Eighth Army landed. In the port city of Catania, witness the former scene of heavy fighting and visit the Historical War Museum of the landings in Sicily, which retraces the course of the landings. Walk through Catania war cemetery and the German military cemetery in Motta Sant’Anastasia to pay tribute to the numerous casualties of the later stage of the Allied invasion of Sicily.

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