Campania, the southern region of Italy and its capital Napoli, is rich in culture, architecture, archaeology and ancient sites such as Pompeii, but also for its WWII legacy. The region paid a heavy toll during World War II, when it was heavily bombarded in preparation for the Allied landing on September 8, 1943, when 55,000 Allied troops stormed ashore. Historically known as Operation Avalanche, the Salerno landings took place in a long arc from Sorrento and Amalfi to as far south as the area of Paestum. Explore Salerno or San Pietro Infine and learn about the WWII Italian Campaign and the Allied forces attack from the south against heavily fortified positions of the German ‘Winter Line’. Visit the war cemetery in Mignano Monte Lungo to pay tribute to the Italian soldiers who died in the battles around Mignano and on Mount Lungo along the Gothic Line, when fighting for the liberation of Italy.

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