East of Rome, in central Italy, discover in Abruzzo the greenest region of Europe. During WWII, the particular morphology of the Majella Massif, characterised by the gentle subcoastal hills and the marine environment with the Sangro and Moro rivers, was selected by the German troops as a natural bulwark in their defence in 1943. A series of intensive fighting occurred around the Gustav Line, inflicting heavy casualties. Today you will find an array of WWII-related sites in Abruzzo. Explore Ortona and the Battle of Ortona Museum to learn about the role of Canadian troops during the house fighting that hit the town in December 1943. In Casoli, you can learn about the Wigforce, the joint military force of British servicemen and Italian patriots, and the Majella Brigade, the most famous Italian Resistance unit. Take a look at the Castello Ducale di Casoli, which served as an Allied base to better manage the operations on the mountain side, and experience one of the darkest episodes of WWII in Italy at Casoli Concentration Camp.

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