Recall the course of the Italian Campaign of WWII while exploring a country immensely rich in culture and history. Start your journey in Sicily, where the first Allied landings occurred in July 1943. Then walk through war cemeteries in Catania and visit the Landing Museum. Explore the cities of Salerno and Anzio, where Allied landings took place. In the region of Abruzzo, you can wander through Ortona and other charming towns, such as Orsogna and Pizzoferrato, that were devastated in late 1943. Learn about the role of Canadian troops during the Italian Campaign at the Battle of Ortona Museum, and about the history of Wigforce at the Casoli Castle. Walk through Montecassino Abbey located on the former Gustav Line, and find several museums retracing the Battle of Monte Cassino. In northern Italy you can visit old fortifications of the Gothic Line, while around Rome there are countless historical wonders, including the Historical Museum of the Liberation which presents the German occupation of the city and its liberation in June 1944.

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