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World War II

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The crossing of the Rhine: Operation Plunder and Operation Varsity

The final hurdle of the Rhineland Offensive was the Rhine itself. The crossing near Wesel (Operation Plunder) was one of several coordinated Rhine crossings. A million Allied soldiers participated. In support of the crossing, 14.000 paratroopers were dropped behind enemy lines (Operation Varsity). The operations were a complete success. Hitler’s days were numbered.

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The Liberation of the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands were left undefended by British forces throughout WWII and lived under German Occupation for five long years. On 9 May 1945, liberating Allied forces negotiated the surrender of the Islands. Landing in both Guernsey and Jersey, they were greeted by crowds of cheering Islanders, joyously celebrating their freedom.

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Roscoe Brown

For a long time the prevailing view among the U.S. Air Force was that African Americans could not fly airplanes. However, the Tuskegee Airmen would change this. This African American unit was formed in 1941, after which they played an important role on the European continent. One of its pilots was Captain Roscoe Brown.

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Asem Ibrahim

During Operation Amherst, French parachutists were dropped in Drenthe. The goal of this operation was to support the Canadian Army in liberating the northern part of the Netherlands. The Syrian Ibrahim Asem was part of these French troops and landed in Drenthe on the night of 7 to 8 April 1945.