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World War II

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The Red Ball Express

The Red Ball Express was a truck convoy which supplied US forces between August 25th and November 16th 1944, and which contributed enormously to the success of the armies. The convoy was staffed largely by African-American soldiers, who worked tirelessly to supply the front line.

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Engelandvaarders and Das Englandspiel

An estimated 1,800 Dutch citizens, the so-called Engelandvaarders, attempted to escape to England during World War Two. Some fell victim to the ‘Englandspiel’, whereby Allied secret agents who returned to the Netherlands from England were betrayed, captured and forced to maintain communications with England but through messages written by the Germans.

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Josef Brettschneider

Josef Brettschneider took part in the Battle of Berlin as a young lieutenant. In a hopeless situation, he had to fight with a Volkssturm unit in a city sur-rounded by Soviet troops.

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Stanisław Maczek

A philosopher by education, a tankman by calling. Soldiers adored him, for he cared about their lives. Dutchmen and Belgians started to love him after he liberated their towns taking great care not to causes too much damage.