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World War II

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The Battle of Ortona

The Battle of Ortona, fought between 20 and 28 December 1943 by Canadian and German forces was one of the most important events of the Italian campaign between July 1943 and May 1945. By the end of 1943, Allied forces

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The crossing of the Rhine: Operation Plunder and Operation Varsity

The final hurdle of the Rhineland Offensive was the Rhine itself. The crossing near Wesel (Operation Plunder) was one of several coordinated Rhine crossings. A million Allied soldiers participated. In support of the crossing, 14.000 paratroopers were dropped behind enemy lines (Operation Varsity). The operations were a complete success. Hitler’s days were numbered.

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Jean-Pierre Catherine

On 16 June 1943, occupation authorities interrupted a lecture to seize Jean Pierre Catherine. A student at Caen’s Merchant Navy School, in 1940 Catherine had formed a small resistance cell that merged a year later with the larger “Front National”

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Marcel Pinte

Marcel Pinte probably was the youngest French resistance fighter during the Second World War. As a six year old he helped the resistance group of his father. Marcel hid secret messages under his clothes and delivered them behind enemy lines