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World War II

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Liberation of Stutthof

The concentration camp in Stutthof was initially founded to eliminate and persecute Poles. Later in the war the role of Stutthof changed as it became an integral part of the planned extermination of European Jews. Before the Soviet Army could liberate Stutthof, the surviving prisoners were send on horrible “death marches”.

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Victorious powers in Berlin

The Second World War in Europe ended in the spring of 1945 with the Allied victory over Nazi Germany. The fate of the German people now lay in the hands of the four victorious powers, the USA, the Soviet Union, Great Britain and France. Germany and Berlin were placed under a shared four-party administration.

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Joachim Peiper

The 18-year-old Berliner Joachim Peiper enlisted the SS in October 1933 and was soon assigned to the elite of this force, the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. This unit amalgamated fanatic soldiers under the command of Sepp Dietrich. On July 1938,

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Philippe Kieffer

Only rarely do military units assume the name of their commanders. The Commando Kieffer owes its name to a banker born in Haiti who, at the age of 40, decided to join the military. ‘Civilian in Uniform’ Philippe Kieffer was