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Colmar Pocket

The American and French offensive in mid-November 1944 was a success, resulting in liberation of most of Alsace. However, the Germans retained a large bridgehead on the western bank of the Rhine around the city of Colmar, a thorn the side of Allied 6th Army Group.

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Liberation of Alsace

The liberation of the Alsace happened in stages. Logistical difficulties, broken terrain, stubborn German resistance, and differences among Allied commanders meant that fighting to liberate the region took many weeks.

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René Noël

Obviously, one individual cannot by him- or herself sum up the complexities of resistance to the occupier in a strategically “sensitive” industrial region. Nevertheless, René Noël (1907-1987) seems to provide us with an ideal model for Mons.

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Josef Grohé

On 13 July 1944, the military administration which had been in place since 28 May 1940 and headed by General von Falkenhausen was replaced by a civilian administration under the authority of the SS. This change came about at the behest of the Führer, who considered the military administration too lax in its fight against the resistance.

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