During WWII, Nazi Germany implemented in Alsace a policy of Germanization and Nazification to change Alsatians into German citizens. Nowadays, a unique blend of French and Germanic cultures can still be found all around, as much in the capital city of Strasbourg as in smaller medieval towns like Colmar and Eguisheim. You will find in Alsace a dual heritage pre- and post-war: fortifications of the defensive Maginot Line, built by France in the 1930s, can still be seen along the current border of the region, while a number of stirring museums and memorials have been constructed since the war ended. Near Natzwiller, the Centre Européen du Résistant Déporté replaces the former Struthof, the only concentration camp built on French territory during WWII. In Schirmeck, visit the Memorial Alsace-Moselle, built on the grounds of a former rehabilitation camp used by the Nazis for Alsatians who resisted the regime.

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