On your journey across France’s different regions, from the seaside of Normandy to the warmth of the south, you will find countless WWII-related sites, be they iconic or unsuspected. During WWII, France was occupied for four years until the liberation of Western Europe began in June 1944. Walk along Normandy’s landing beaches to remember the course of D-Day and you will find many museums and memorials built on these very beaches. Wander in Paris looking for traces of the occupation, such as hotels occupied by the Germans, streets and buildings that will remind you of some of the darkest times in regional and national history. Follow the steps of the Parade for the Liberation and visit the Memorial Leclerc and Jean Moulin Museum. In Alsace you will find a blend of French and Germanic cultures and you can visit the Struthof, the only concentration camp built in French territory. Head to southern France to learn about the second, less known Allied landing of August 1944.

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