Utah Memory Field Historical gathering

The Utah Memory Field is a historical gathering that presents in a playful and immersive way the army of yesterday and today. The various exhibitions on display provide a glimpse into the events that took place in Utah Beach on June 6, 1944 and the days that followed.

To see :

US side : Hospital Medical 3th BMC, 4th/79th infantry divisions, 6TH Cavalry Division, 91yh Evac Hospital, more than 30 vehicles,…

French side : Free French naval forces, Free French air forces, Civilians, Resistance fighters, also a garage of the GER XV 2ndDB with RBFMs and Marinettes,…

Throughout the week, activities are planned at the UTAH MEMORY FIELD (medical reenacted scenes, immersive scenes, baptisms of historic vehicles on rough terrain, workshops on civilians and their way of life, Battle at 1/72th, model exhibition and model making, presentation of equipment and demonstrations of the French Army, etc.). Catering and drinks on site. Admission to the Utah Memory Field is free.

Late opening of the camp : Friday 7 June, until 11 pm.

Utah Memory Field Historical gathering