Theater play Le silence de la mer

On Friday, September 27th and Saturday, September 28th, the Mont Faron Memorial in Toulon, France, will organise at 6pm on the open air theater the Vercors’ play Le silence de la mer, played by the company “Les Démarqués”.

Written in 1942 by the French writer Jean Bruller alias “Vercors” and secretly published under the Occupation by the “Éditions de Minuit”, the short story Le silence de la mer has known from its illegal exit an immediate success. Inspired from real events, it tells how, during the Second World War in France, in the occupied zone, an old man and his niece were forced to room a German officer in their own house. Refusing fraternization, they decide to oppose to him a resolute silence, a real passive resistance to this imposed presence.

Adapted to the cinema in 1947, Le silence de la mer was then rewritten for the theater and staged by many directors.

The Memorial of the Landing and Liberation of Provence is proud to present this play, performed two nights in a row by the company from Montpellier “Les Demarqués”. It will take place outdoor on the Mont Faron next to the Memorial, offering you for free a complete immersion in the past.

Theater play Le silence de la mer

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