Tanks in Mons

Tanks in Mons commemorates the liberation of the city of Mons in 1944 by the 83rd Reconnaissance Battalion of the 3rd U.S. Armored Division.

For the occasion, a large collection of armored vehicles will be presented: shermans, chaffees, pershings, tank destroyers, half tracks, armored cars, but also jeeps, trucks and many others will peacefully invade the historic center of the city of Mons.

« Post War » legendary vehicles are also presented to the public, including the famous Leopard tank.

The program’s activities include:

  • Patriotic Ceremonies of 2nd of September
  • Period Military Camp
  • Tank Rides
  • International Flea Market
  • Historical Parade on Sunday
  • Patriotic Ceremonies in Cuesmes
  • Reenactment of a battle in Mesvin
  • Arrival and Static Show on the Grand Place
Tanks in Mons