Snapshots – Echoes of Silence – Luc Mary-Rabin

The War Heritage Institute adds contemporary photography to its collections through an exceptional donation – Temporary exhibition

An assortment of 55 original prints by Luc Mary-Rabine dedicated to remembrance and in particular to the concentration camps and extermination centres are put on display at the Royal Military Museum. To create a link between past and present period pictures from the Museum collections complete the selection.

Luc Mary-Rabine’s gaze takes us to the Nazi camps. The tragic images make us grasp the scope of the massacres that took place there.

Through his work the photographer wishes to illustrate his solidarity with the victims, while respecting their human dignity. The exhibition supplies a discreet sightline into history and highlights the artist’s combat against oblivion.

Framing, photographic paper and cameras were not selected randomly. Luc Mary-Rabine mainly used analogue cameras and based on 6 x 6 cm negatives obtained square and visually extremely powerful prints.

Snapshots – Echoes of Silence – Luc Mary-Rabin