Operation Market Garden 2019

On Saturday 14th of September, one of the biggest events of the year will take place in Belgium and in the Netherlands.

In 2019 we are commemorating 75 years since Operation Market Garden took place. At the time, the Allied Forces traveled from Belgium through several locations in the Netherlands, to finally end up in Nijmegen and Arnhem. Unfortunately Operation Market Garden became a failure.

The event will start in the Belgian town of Leopoldsburg on September 14th. A military vehicle parade of approximately 600 vehicles will drive to Veghel in the Netherlands. Before the ‘Route South’ various events and activities will be organised in Leopoldsburg.

From September 15 until September 21, you can visit the military camps Basecamp Veghel and Camp Cider White Grave. Many other activities will take place during these days, including demonstrations, educational tours, a veterans-day, historical vehicles and equipment, para droppings, historical reenactments, a military market, and more.

On Sunday 22nd of September, the vehicle parade will continue towards Nijmegen, the ‘Route North’, where the event will officially come to an end.

Operation Market Garden 2019

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