On tour ! – UK Leg

In cooperation with numerous hiking associations in our partner countries, the LREF has established a network of hiking specialists and historians in order to develop a trail stretching from London to Berlin. As part of Europe Remembers’ promotional activities, we will walk along the commemorative route that the Allies took in 1944 and 1945, to actively bring it to the attention of the public. Interviews will be held with veterans, young people, politicians, historians and prominent figures of society, who will walk part of the Liberation Route with us. The first leg of this “On Tour!” initiative will take place in the UK, starting in London on May 20 and ending in Portsmouth on May 24.

You can follow our journey and special live events on our social media accounts (@EuropeRemembers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and by following the #EuropeRemembers.

Itinerary Map of the trail May 21-May 24 (PDF)


Kick-off of the tour, various locations (Invitation only)


1. Alton Station

2. The Three Horses Shoes

3. The Selborne Arms

4. Noar Hill

5. Hawkley Inn

6. Petersfield Station


1. Peterfield Station

2. The Village Inn

3. Queen Elizabeth Park Cafe

4. The George Inn

5. Rowland’s Castle Station

6. 3rd Infantry Division Memorial


1. Whichers Gate Rd.

2. Mulberry Crossing Site

3. The Ferryboat Inn

4. The D-Day Story


On tour ! – UK Leg