How it started…
Four days before Christmas Eve 2015, Dick Jansen from Burgum, the Netherlands, got the idea to burn candle lights on the war graves in his hometown, just as it had been done for 25 years at the Canadian cemetery in Holten. He thought: why not do this in all of the Netherlands? He shared his idea on Facebook with the idea ´if 15 to 20 people also do this, it would be great ´But it turned out very differently … the action on social media was massively picked up and shared by many people. The response was unbelievable, and on Christmas Eve there were candles at war cemeteries in over 140 places in the Netherlands. A start of a new Dutch tradition?

Last year the light action has become even bigger. At the start of 2015, there were more than 140 locations where lights burned. In 2016, light was placed at 263 locations in the Netherlands. In 2017, more than 284 locations burned lights at a war grave. And not only in the Netherlands – also abroad. Hundreds of people are now burning a light on Christmas Eve. Dedicated clubs have already emerged to make this a regular tradition.

Pictures and location are related to the Airborne War Cemetery in Oosterbeek.

Lights on war graves Christmas Eve 2018