In their Footsteps

The ‘In their footsteps’ exhibit: the story of these men and women who lived the Landing

They are called Léonard, Thomas or Françoise. They are Canadian, British or French, soldiers or civilians and they were here in June 1944 on the beaches of Normandy. Some landed on Juno Beach, others lived on the Côte de Nacre and had been waiting for the Allies for long months.

They tell us what they lived through and show us the images that stayed in their minds, and will forever… The fear, the anguish, the noise, the bloody battle, the arrival of the Canadian soldiers with their funny accent and the joy or being freed.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Landing, the Terres de Nacre Tourist Office and the Juno Beach Centre are proud to announce, from April 2019, the start of the exhibit “In their footsteps”, that pays homage to the actors and witnesses of the Second World War.

This exhibition is presented thanks to the support of the town community Coeur de Nacre, the Normandy Region and its private partners: RTE, Veolia, CIC and Hyper U.

In their Footsteps

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