From Dieppe to Juno

In partnership with the War Heritage Institute (WHI) in Brussels, Belgium, the Juno Beach Centre is organising a temporary exhibit, “From Dieppe to Juno“, starting on 12 March 2022 to commemorate the 80-years anniversary of the Dieppe Raid.

At dawn on 19 August 1942, Canadian and British troops began landing on beaches at and near the French port town of Dieppe. But the raid did not unfold as planned, and the operation became a bloodbath rather than the much-hoped-for exercise in bravery, temerity, and daring.  Of 4,963 Canadians, only 2,210 returned to Great Britain. In fewer than ten hours of fighting, 807 Canadians lay dead, and 1,946 others became prisoners of war.

The Dieppe Raid is caught between the twists and turns of political and military considerations, tactical and strategic issues, and tensions between history and collective memory. The exhibition at the Juno Beach Centre challenges itself to explore why a few hours of fighting in 1942 still arouses so much interest, indignation and fascination.

The visitor will experience these strong emotions while travelling through the exhibition as it oscillates between strategic, tactical and technical content and fluid, intimate human stories.

From Dieppe to Juno

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