Eisenhower – De Gaulle. Alliance and friendship in war and peace

From the 1st of June 2019, the fates of Eisenhower and De Gaulle will be presented through an exhibition at the Perpignan corridor in Paris Army Museum. This exhibition was developed out of a partnership between the Army Museum, the Charles de Gaulle Foundation and the Eisenhower Presidential Library.

After their choice to work in the military, Charles de Gaulle and Dwight D. Eisenhower joined the most prestigious military academies of their respective countries. The fates of those historical characters were similar on several levels, as highlighted by this exhibition that aims to present their political and human friendship.

The two officers met for the first time in June 1943 in Algiers when De Gaulle began to form the French Committee of National Liberation (Comité Français de Libération Nationale). The context was tense for the Gaullist struggle that was, at the time, in search of legitimacy with Allied governments. But the generals ignored that and got to know each other. Respect and mutual esteem arose and allowed the successful liberation of France and the Republic. In June 1945, Eisenhower received the Cross of Companion of Liberation from the hands of De Gaulle.

The post-war period opened a new chapter in the relationship between De Gaulle and Eisenhower, both heads of state during the Cold War. The relationships between the United States and France show an unambiguous attachment to the Western camp.

Event location: Perpignan corridor at the Army Museum

Access conditions: free access with a ticket from the Army Museum

Eisenhower – De Gaulle. Alliance and friendship in war and peace

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