De Grote Rappèl ²


The Grote Rappèl ² is an unforgettable musical spectacle, performed by more than 400 actors, singers, dancers, musicians and other artists. The previous edition – De Groote Rappèl – was such an overwhelming success in 2016 that we had to play extra performances. Overall, more than 10,000 spectators came to Leopoldsburg.



September 1944. The Second World War. The eyes of the whole world are focused on the small Belgian garrison town of Leopoldsburg. The allied liberation of Europe has started following the successful landing in Normandy and the blazing advance in France and Belgium. The Germans are desperately resisting. To end the war before Christmas, Field Marshal Montgomery takes a spectacular gamble. He launches Operation Market Garden, one of the most ambitious operations in history. The starting point was Leopoldsburg.

The show starts with a delicious meal in the atmosphere of the time and a walking theater through the Royal Park and the Dreef der 7 Zuchten. Afterwards, visitors can enjoy the stunning open-air spectacle in the authentic setting of the old IJzer Quarter.


The story

The musical spectacle De Grote Rappèl ² takes you to the turbulent wartime of WWII, introducing you to a family trying to survive. The liberation and Operation Market Garden naturally play a leading role in the story. The Chinese Pavilion – where the municipality of Leopoldsburg will open the liberation museum Liberation Garden in 2020 – will also occupy a prominent place.

The direction of this event is in the hands of Luc Stevens, who already organised spectacles such as Zoo of Life, Mol in scene, GheelaMania, the Merodes, Marie-Antoinette and Rubens.

De Grote Rappèl ²

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