D-Day Festival Normandy

Each year since 2007, the D-Day Festival Normandy has been offering a program of festive events for the anniversary of the Allied Landings of 6th June 1944.

In 2019, for the 13th edition of the D-Day Festival Normandy, the tourist offices of the D-Day Landing Beaches present their area at its best.

During the festival a great number of activities will take place, including:

  • Helicopter and walking tours
  • Book fairs
  • Marches, walks, runs and parades
  • Concerts
  • Military and vintage vehicles exhibitions
  • Military camp exhibitions
  • Parachute jumps
  • Acitivities for children
  • Sand yacht European Cup
  • Filmfestival


Check out the official program of D-Day Festival here:

D-Day Festival Normandy

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