Commemoration surrender of German troops in Paris

On August 25, 1944, at 4 pm, General von Choltitz, German military governor of greater Paris, signed the surrender of the German troops. 75 years later, a small ceremony is held in commemoration of this significant event in the history of the Liberation of Paris.

After signing the surrender convention in front of Leclerc at the police headquarters, von Choltitz was led to the Montparnasse station where Leclerc’s command post was located. He signed about twenty cease-fire orders at all German resistance points. Leclerc also agreed that Colonel Rol appends his signature on one of the two surrender conventions, hence recognizing the role of the FFI in the Liberation of Paris.

The ceremony will be simple and sober, marked by wreath laying by the attending authorities.

Commemoration surrender of German troops in Paris

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