Commemoration Poles of Driel

Program commemoration Saturday 22 September 2018

15.00 hrs
Commemoration at the Poland square, Kerkstraat in Driel.
Subsequently you are invited on behalf of the municipality of Overbetuwe to have a consumption at the conference centre De Oldenburg.

18.00 hrs
Polish Service in the Roman Catholic Church, Kerkstraat 27 in Driel. Next to the pastor of the local community also Polish priests will celebrate the Mass.
The mixed choir Cantorije will perform several Polish hymns. The choir will be accompanied by musicians of Promyki Krakowa from Cracow.

During the commemoration week the Information Centre: The Poles of Driel is open daily for visitors from 09.00 to 17.00 hrs.

Commemoration Poles of Driel

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