Commemorating life, hopes and futures

The heart of the city of Nijmegen, in the Gelderland province, was bombed on 22 February 1944. Almost 800 people lost their lives at that time, and hundreds of people got hurt. In the following couple of years, remembrance stones have been placed throughout the whole city of Nijmegen.

This year will commemorate 75 years since the bombings took place. To remember the events, the borders of the bombardments will be lit by runners carrying flares. At various locations in the city centre, stories about local civilians who lost their lives in the bombings, will be told. This way, their hopes, dreams and expectations will be brought to life again.

During the event, music will be played by approximately 40 music groups, at the location where the bombings occurred. In the evening, you can visit the Museum Valkhof, where two exhibitions about the Second World War will be presented or the occasion.

Commemorating life, hopes and futures

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