Clapping ceremony | Omaha Beach

Seventy-five years after the Allied invasion of Normandy, we remember and honor those who served during the largest seaborne invasion in history. On that one day, over 10,000 Allied soldiers were killed, wounded or declared missing in action. In the course of the Normandy campaign, which lasted through August 21, 1944, Allied forces landed more than two million men in northern France and suffered more than 226,000 casualties.

And that is why we want to pay tribute to the those who fought to liberate Europe and remember those who never returned. On June 6th we want to organize a clapping ceremony on Omaha beach around 6:30 AM. We want to invite as many people as possible to pay respect and deepest gratitude for them who gave the highest sacrifice during the Normandy landings in 1944.

Time: 06:30 AM

Location: Omaha Beach – Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer (Monument Les Braves Omaha Beach)

Practical information: We will give the signal to clap around 06:30 AM. We want to clap 75 seconds with as many people as possible.

Parking: parking is directly at the square and along the roadside.

Clapping ceremony | Omaha Beach