Bridge to Liberation

The biggest experience in the Netherlands; a world of 360 degrees with music, visual effects, film and dance! We take you spectacularly into true personal stories at the time of the Battle of Arnhem.

Exciting, beautiful and moving stories that you could place in “the now”. Together with thousands of others at the John Frost Bridge in Arnhem you experience the impact of war and the value of freedom. Bridge to Liberation takes place this year for the fifth year. The show always contains the same kind of elements, but the content is always different. That makes it surprising every year. We tell stories; true personal stories. We search the details of the stories to the bottom and have everything checked historically. Only then, when everything is correct and a story fits the theme, we tell it in Bridge to Liberation Experience.

On the third Friday of September, the City of Arnhem remembers the Battle of Arnhem. During the official commemoration at the Airborneplein, we will be honouring and remembering all those who have fought for our freedom. The Bridge to Liberation Experience will enable visitors to together experience the impact of war on the basis of personal stories about courage, strength, hope and love. The stories from then enable us to realize the value of our freedom today, and together we can look to the future. The central in this edition is the multi perspective view on the Battle of Arnhem.

Bridge to Liberation

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