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Terug naar Westerbork (Back to Westerbork) wants to contribute to the focus on 75 years of peace and freedom in the Netherlands and Germany in 2020.

We want to reach youth through education and sports, so that they can pass the message of peace and freedom on to future generations.

That is why we organise an educative bicycle tour, two seminars (1 in the Netherlands and 1 in Germany) and an educational program for students.

Educative bicycle tour Terug naar Westerbork

Students from the Netherlands and Germany bike together over 1250 km to commemorate 75 years of Peace and Freedom. The tour will start with 75 participants in Auschwitz, Poland, and continues through Bergen-Belsen (where an additional 2020 participants will join the tour) to Camp Westerbork in Drenthe, the Netherlands.

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