August 15th commemorations Saint-Tropez

75 years ago, on August 15, 1944, the 3rd American Infantry Division landed at Pampelonne, while paratroopers from the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion liberated Saint-Tropez. The city commemorates the liberation of Saint-Tropez and Provence.

August 14: Ball, remembrance Mass and fireworks

• 3:30 pm: Parade of WWII military vehicles, organised by the association “Les véhicules historiques du Tignet” (The historical vehicles of Tignet) then exhibition at the XV Corps square.
• 9 pm: ball animated by Michel Martinez and his orchestra, at Portalet square.
• 10 pm: remembrance and gratitude Mass at the Sainte-Anne chapel.
• 11:30 pm: fireworks in front of the Jean Réveille Môle.

August 15: Patriotic ceremonies and evening at the citadel

• 10 am: Patriotic ceremony at the Liberation monument in presence of uniformed soldiers of the 3rd US infantry division from the “Forty for Memories” association.
• 11 am: Patriotic ceremony at the stele of the Allied Marines, followed by a tribute by Captain Monika Stoy to the sailors lost at sea.
• 9:30 pm: Evening at the citadel: story of the Liberation of Saint-Tropez, documentary projection and concert by the René Coll orchestra in costumes (for Saint-Tropez residents only – this part of the event is upon invitation).

For the traditional Elders’ meal, on August 15 at the citadel, registration will begin at the beginning of August at the Maison des aînés, mobile nr. 04 94 97 26 05.

August 15th commemorations Saint-Tropez