August 15th commemorations Cavalaire-sur-Mer

On August 15, 1944, the Allies chose Cavalaire-sur-Mer for the landing of the 3rd American Infantry Division. This year marks the 75th anniversary of this landing.


10 am: Commemorative Ceremony

9 pm: Evening with DJ Casimir and his dancers. On the Esplanade de Lattre de Tassigny

10:30 pm: Fireworks

After the fireworks, the evening continues with the VL SUMMER TOUR. After gathering more than 13,600 people in 2016 and 600,000 on the live Facebook, VL launches for the 4th consecutive year its national summer tour. The evening will be broadcast live on FG Radio and on the live Facebook of the tour.

August 15th commemorations Cavalaire-sur-Mer

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