Soviet War Cemetery Amersfoort-Leusden

  • Cemetery
  • Dodeweg, 3832 RB Leusden, Netherlands

The Soviet War Cemetery Leusden can be found next to the municipal cemetery Rusthof of Amersfoort. Of the 865 Soviet soldiers buried here, 101 of them died of starvation, execution, exhaustion or illness in Camp Amersfoort during the German occupation.

In 1948, this cemetery was opened specifically for the victims of the Soviet Union. It started with the 101 soviet soldiers from Camp Amersfoort. In September 1941, they were taken prisoner at the Eastern front. They mostly originated from Central Asian soviet republics like Uzbekistan. After they were transferred to Camp Amersfoort, 24 prisoners died of hunger within five months. The other 77 were shot without any kind of trial on 9 April 1942.

Soviet victims who were buried elsewhere in the Netherlands were moved to this cemetery. This also included the 691 prisoners of war who were buried in Margraten. This concerned force laborers of the Soviet Union who had to work in Germany and also a few soldiers of the Red Army who had served in the German Army. A lot of these victims died of exhaustion or illness shortly after the liberation.

On the cemetery a ten meter high memorial column can be found with the following tekst: “aan de strijders van het Sovjetleger die omgekomen zijn in de worsteling met de Duitse overweldigers 1941-1945.” (To the fighters of the Soviet Union who died during the wrestling with the German usurpers 1941-1945) The wall behind the column contains the text “Lof aan de helden” (praise to the heroes). On 29 Januari 2010, the Sovjet Ereveld foundation was founded. She maintains the cemetery. Besides this, she also tries to keep the memory of the soldiers alive and search for their relatives.

Soviet War Cemetery Amersfoort-Leusden

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