Warsaw Rising Museum

Opened in 2004, on the 60th anniversary of the eponymous event, Warsaw Rising Museum is the first narrative museum to be opened in Poland. The aim of the museum is to celebrate the heroism of the soldiers of the Home Army, and to tell the story of the Warsaw Uprising, this decisive moment in the history of the city.

Warsaw Rising Museum tells the story of the largest anti-German uprising in occupied Europe. On 1 August 1944 nearly 20.000 members of the Polish Home Army attacked the German garrison in an attempt to liberate the Polish capital before the arrival of the Soviet Red Army. The museum presents the story of the brutal German occupation of Poland and of the creation of the Home Army, the largest underground military force in occupied Europe. The history of the uprising was falsified during the Communist era. Only after the fall of Communism in 1989 it became possible to erect a memorial dedicated to the uprising. The Museum was opened in 2004, on the 60th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, in the presence of numerous surviving veterans of the Home Army.

The interactive, narrative exhibition not only tells the story of Poland during the German occupation, but also illustrates the wide background of the uprising. The brutality of the German occupation, incarceration and next extermination of Polish elites and Polish jews strengthened the will of the population to resist. Moreover there was uncertainty of what would happen to Poland after the war, with the coming of the Red Army. This helps the visitor to understand why ill-armed resistance fighters rose to fight the mighty German Wehrmacht, with little or no help from outside. The brutal suppression during 63 days of fighting, despite countless acts of heroism and sacrifice on the part of the Home Army, is perhaps the most moving message of the museum.

Apart from the exhibition, the museum houses a research library, an archive preserving testimonies and records pertaining to the rising, and specialized educational facilities.

Warsaw Rising Museum