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  • 3 Rue Gutenberg, 67610 La Wantzenau, France
  • +333 88 59 25 43

Located on northern outskirts of Strasbourg, MM Park houses an extensive collection of military vehicles and heavy equipment from World War II. There is a number of war-related attractions and exhibitions, recommended for any military history enthusiast.

MM Park has been opened in 2017 on the northern outskirts of Strasbourg. In spacious building it houses over 100 vehicles, artillery pieces, and even aircraft. The equipment on display hails from United States, Canada, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Germany, and the Soviet Union.

The vehicles have been restored and provide a unique chance to see the equipment used during the fighting for (or against) the liberation. The museum also contains a set of Soviet tanks and self-propelled guns, which are not commonly found in Western European museums. Among them there is a rare T-26 tank.

Apart from large-scale items, the Park also displays 191 complete military uniforms from the Second World War, including a few sets of female uniforms. These are supplemented with – amongst others – a selection of original wartime posters, a replica of a German U-Boat’s sail, a German patrol boat, and a “Biber” German midget submarine.

There is also an exhibit about the ‘Sussex Plan’ which entailed parachuting trained French men and women in France to provide intelligence on the state of German defences prior to and during the invasion.

The museum also has several interactive activities which can be booked via its website.


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