Memorial Alsace-Moselle

The historic region of Alsace-Moselle was a contended area between Germany and France. The memorial tells the story of the local inhabitants and their dramatic history during the Second World War.

The Memorial was erected thanks to the efforts of central and regional officials, to commemorate the fates of the inhabitants of Alsace and Moselle, part of Lorraine – lands that in the last 150 years were the object of contention between Germany and France.

The modern building is located on the slope, providing a spectacular panorama of neighbouring valley and onto the mountains on the opposite side, where Struthof-Natzweiler Memorial is located.

The building houses and extensive interactive exhibition, telling the history of the region and its people during the Second World War. The exhibition uses interactive displays, large-scale scenography, fine-tuned lighting, and sound to help the visitors immerse in the narrative. The story presented in the exhibition mentions the wartime displacement of population, German terror, forced inducement into the German Army, and the conflicting loyalties in this frontier region. The exhibition ends with the story of European integration after the war.

Apart from the exhibition, the Memorial collects documents and photographs illustrating the history of Alsace-Lorraine; these are available for researches in the reading room. The Memorial also prepares travelling exhibitions on specific aspects connected to the war in Alsace. There are also conference rooms available for education, screening of films, or rental.

Memorial Alsace-Moselle

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