Liberation Museum Zeeland

The Liberation Museum Zeeland takes us back to a special part of Zeelands history. During the Second World War Allied soldiers, sailors and airmen of various nationalities united in the fight against the German occupation forces. This struggle resulted in a lot of dead and wounded on both sides. The local population in Zeeland also suffered heavy casualties.

The museum offers a tour along important events during the Second World War. The exhibition starts in the Reception area, where Kees Sinke says goodbye to his mother. Kees Sinke was called up in 1939 during the mobilization. The story of Kees Sinke serves as the guideline that leads us through the exhibition.

At different points in the museum connections are made with the present and each time the focus is on people. In this way the museum pays tribute to all the forces who fought for the peace and freedom in which we live today.

The battle of the Scheldt occupies a prominent place in the exhibition. During this so often forgotten battle at the end of 1944, the area around the Western Scheldt provided the scene of action, aiming at clearing the waterway into Antwerp, that had already been liberated. Because the airborne landings known as Operation Market Garden near Arnhem and Nijmegen had failed, the opening up of the harbour in Antwerp was of vital importance for the shipping in of troops and essential supplies for rapid transportation to the front. Thus the battle of the Scheldt played a key role in the liberation of the Netherlands and the ending of the Second World War.

The museum also pays attention to the Zeeland Battalion. This Battalion was mainly formed by volunteers who, after the liberation of Zeeland, wanted to support the forces still endeavouring to free the Netherlands and Western Europe from the yoke of the occupational forces.

Liberation Museum Zeeland

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