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Bunker Museum Terschelling

The total complex of the Bunkermuseum in Terschelling, the Netherlands, covers an area of 7 hectares with 100 bunkers formerly used by German soldiers during WWII. The site can be visited freely with a route map providing information about the bunkers. The museum includes an exhibition which retraces the history of the Atlantikwall.

Of the 85 bunkers still present on the Tiger (Terschelling) stand, four have been designated as project bunkers which have been given a museum function. Here you can now see how they were used during WWII. Three of the four bunkers were completely under the sand. With cranes and shovels more than 4,000 m3 of sand has been removed. The volunteers have removed a lot of sand and debris from the bunkers. Then electricity was installed. The bunkers are now all equipped with the original cabling, including the original switch material of bakelite. In the Key- and Bertabunker the steel ceilings are sandblasted and provided with an anti-rust coating. Graffiti has been removed and the walls have been painted. The floors have also been restored and safety has been improved.

Bunker Museum Terschelling

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