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Airborne Monument Ede

  • Monument/Memorial
  • Verlengde Arnhemseweg 103, 6718 SM Ede, Pays-Bas

The Airborne Monument on Ginkel Heath in Ede is a concrete pillar with a copper eagle at the top with its wings spread as if in full flight. The plinth is shaped like a crystal with the pillar emerging out of it like a prism. There are three copper symbols on the pillar. The first is a winged parachute wearing a crown. The second, is the emblem of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers and the third, an image of a purple Pegasus (the mythological winged horse). At the foot of the pillar, there is a plaque made of natural stone and ten metres away, there is a large boulder with an inscription on it. The memorial is 3m high, 30cm wide and 30cm deep.

Airborne Monument Ede

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