Pilsen and Bohemia


Pilsen is the capital city of Czech Republic‘s western region of Bohemia. In May 1945, the US Third Army led by General Patton entered Pilsen to liberate the Czech people from six years of occupation from Nazi Germany. Still today, the locals remember these events and they remain immensely grateful to the US Army. Visit Pilsen in May to attend its annual ‘Liberation Festival‘, which commemorates the events at the end of the war and the liberation of the city by US soldiers. The festival lasts for several days and includes several military and historical events as well as a rich cultural programme. Be sure to visit Pilsen’s Thank You America Memorial, a unique commemorative piece of history. Head to the Patton Memorial Museum to choose from different exhibitions retracing the advancement of the US Army in the Czech Republic, with a significant focus on General Patton himself.

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