The Ardennes and Wallonia


In Southern Belgium, Wallonia is brimming with picturesque and historic sites. The Ardennes, green heart of the country, proved crucial on two occasions during WWII: in 1940 during the surprise attack launched by the German army, and in late 1944 with the fierce Battle of the Bulge. Nowadays, the Bastogne area houses various museums presenting this battle, such as the Bastogne War Museum. Wander through the Bois Jacque in the village of Foy, where the 101st Airborne division of the US Army dug their foxholes when the area was soon to be surrounded by enemy divisions. In La-Roche-en-Ardenne, witness the former location of the British counter attacks and visit the Museum of the Battle of the Ardennes. At Baugnez 44 Historical Center, you will learn about the slaughter of American soldiers prisoners in the city of Malmedy in December 1944. Visit the Recogne German war cemetery to pay tribute to more than 6,000 German soldiers who fell in WWII.

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