In northern Belgium, Flanders exudes history from the middle ages in the medieval cities of Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp, and from both World Wars that left many scars behind. During WWII, the Battle of the Scheldt raged in the region between October 1944 and November 1944. The port of Antwerp became an ideal landing ground for supplies and it helped the Allies to continue their advance towards Germany. Flanders housed a couple of Nazi camps that turned into stirring sites of remembrance: Fort Breendonk, former concentration camp, became a symbol perpetuating the memory of the suffering; Kazerne Dossin, formerly a transit camp to concentration camps in Germany, tells the story of persecution and deportation. In Oostende, you can find a unique combination of cultural history and natural recreation at Atlantikwall Raversyde. In Leopoldsburg, the Liberation Trail will bring you to an impressive German war cemetery and to all the important WWII-heritage sites of the region.

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